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Jennifer Garner Zings Mark Ruffalo For Trying To Quit ’13 Going On 30′ In Sweet Speech

Fans of the beloved romantic comedy “13 Going on 30” had a delightful surprise when Jennifer Garner unexpectedly showed up at Mark Ruffalo’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. Garner’s appearance added an extra layer of excitement to the event as she paid tribute to her former co-star.

Garner began her speech with a light-hearted joke about filling in for Laura Dern, who couldn’t make it due to COVID-19. She humorously claimed credit for kickstarting Ruffalo’s rom-com career with their memorable film.

Reflecting on their time filming “13 Going on 30,” Garner reminisced about Ruffalo’s initial reluctance to dance, recalling how she had to encourage him to join her on the dance floor for the iconic “Thriller” scene. Despite his initial hesitation, the film became a fan favorite and propelled both actors to greater fame.

Aside from their on-screen chemistry, Garner praised Ruffalo’s versatility as an actor, particularly highlighting his recent Oscar-nominated performance in “Poor Things.” She commended his ability to fully embody his characters and expressed admiration for his dedication to his craft.

Ruffalo fondly recalled their collaboration on “13 Going on 30,” admitting that Garner’s dancing skills initially intimidated him. However, with encouragement from Garner and the film’s director, he pushed through his apprehensions, contributing to the movie’s success.

Released in 2004, “13 Going on 30” continues to hold a special place in the hearts of fans, and Garner and Ruffalo’s reunion at the Walk of Fame ceremony served as a heartwarming reminder of the film’s enduring legacy.

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