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“Just chill, Big Ten and SEC. Expanding the soon-to-be expanded College Football Playoff already?”

Shouldn’t we let the expanded College Football Playoff settle in before we talk about expanding it even more? Apparently not in the world of college football, where timing is always a bit off.

Just a day after announcing the format for the expanded 12-team playoff set for 2024 and 2025, discussions are already swirling about adding more teams. The proposed 14-team model would tilt heavily in favor of the Big Ten and SEC, leaving other conferences concerned about their share of the pie.

It might be wise to let the dust settle on the 12-team format before diving into further expansion. After all, going from four teams to twelve is already a significant change. Let’s see how it plays out before making more moves.

The 12-team model offers automatic bids to the top conference champions and leaves room for at-large selections. It’s a chance to inject new energy into the sport and give more teams a shot at the title.

But discussions about expanding to 14 teams are already underway. This would mean more automatic bids for the Big Ten and SEC, further solidifying their dominance in college athletics.

While more teams could mean more money, it’s unclear how much additional revenue would actually be generated. And do the Big Ten and SEC really need more automatic bids, or are they just flexing their muscles?

The rush to expand before the current format has even been tested is concerning. It’s a reminder that college football is often driven by power struggles and financial interests rather than what’s best for the sport as a whole.

Perhaps a bit of patience is in order. Rushing into further expansion could have unintended consequences and further skew the balance of power in college football.

But in a sport where timing is always a bit off, it’s no surprise that discussions about expansion are already underway.

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