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Kylie Jenner flees home in LA for ‘next adventure’ after Timothee Chalamet’s family ‘plans intervention’ over romance

Kylie recently shared a selfie on Instagram, rocking a Burberry hoodie and stylish black shades, while her hair flowed freely. She hinted at an upcoming adventure with a plane emoji, leaving fans curious about her next destination following her recent stint at Paris Fashion Week.

However, amidst Kylie’s glamorous travels, there’s speculation about Timothee Chalamet’s relationship with her. Sources suggest that his family and close friends are growing concerned about the so-called “Kardashian curse,” fearing its potential impact on Timothee’s life. With past Kardashian partners like Tristan Thompson, Kanye West, and Travis Scott facing challenges after their relationships ended, there’s understandable apprehension about Timothee’s involvement with Kylie.

According to reports, Timothee’s inner circle is reluctant to interfere in his personal life but feels compelled to express their worries. They’ve noticed changes in his behavior, including a newfound focus on material possessions and a perceived neglect of his family and friends.

In response, they’re planning to have a heartfelt conversation with Timothee, emphasizing his promising future and urging him to consider the potential consequences of his romantic choices. While they respect Timothee’s autonomy as an adult, they hope he’ll take their concerns to heart and prioritize his well-being and career.

Meanwhile, Travis Scott’s past relationship with Kylie has also faced scrutiny, especially following the tragic events at his Astroworld concert. Some speculate that this could be another instance of the alleged Kardashian curse affecting their partners.

As Timothee navigates his relationship with Kylie, his family and friends remain hopeful that he’ll heed their advice and make decisions that are in his best interest. Ultimately, only time will reveal the outcome for the couple and whether they can overcome any challenges they may face together.

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