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Matt Gaetz Privately Told Colleagues His Real Motivation for Kevin McCarthy Ouster Was Ethics Probe

In a surprising twist, it appears that Representative Matt Gaetz’s push to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy may not have been solely rooted in policy differences, as publicly stated. Private correspondence reviewed by The Daily Beast suggests a different story, indicating that Gaetz’s move to undercut and oust McCarthy was, in fact, driven by a personal vendetta related to the congressional ethics investigation against Gaetz.

Despite Gaetz’s public insistence that his efforts were aimed at addressing Washington spending issues, the private communications reveal a strong undercurrent of resentment over McCarthy’s involvement in reviving the Ethics Committee probe against Gaetz. The content of these private messages, while not directly quotable to protect the source’s identity, clearly points to Gaetz’s deep-seated animosity towards McCarthy, specifically linked to the ethics investigation.

In these private exchanges, Gaetz laid blame on McCarthy for the renewed investigation, highlighting his personal grudge against the former Speaker. The communications strongly suggest that Gaetz’s push to remove McCarthy was a direct response to the ethics probe. This revelation contrasts with Gaetz’s public narrative, where he positioned himself as taking a principled stand against perceived failures in Washington.

Despite McCarthy’s assertions that he had no control over the Ethics Committee, Gaetz remained unconvinced. Ultimately, Gaetz orchestrated a rebellion within the party that resulted in McCarthy’s removal from the speakership and subsequently from Congress.

This new information challenges Gaetz’s public image and raises questions about the underlying dynamics within the Republican Party. While Gaetz continues to deny wrongdoing in the face of the ongoing House Ethics Committee investigation, the private communications offer a glimpse into the personal motivations driving his actions against McCarthy.

As the investigation unfolds, Gaetz’s true motives are under scrutiny, adding complexity to the already tumultuous landscape of GOP politics.

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