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Megamind’s New Film, TV Series Both Reveal First Trailer

Great news for fans of the 2010 cult-favorite supervillain spoof, Megamind! Dreamworks Animation has just dropped a sneak peek into the upcoming Megamind film and TV series, both set to premiere next month.

In a recent announcement on X/Twitter, Dreamworks treated fans to the official trailer for “Megamind vs. The Doom Syndicate,” the sequel to the original movie. This time around, Megamind is on a mission to dismantle his former villainous team.

But wait, there’s more! Dreamworks also spilled the beans on the title of the new Megamind TV series, “Megamind Rules!” Both the film and the series are gearing up to hit Peacock’s streaming platform starting March 1. The buzz about a sequel TV series centered around Megamind has been circulating since last April, and the wait is finally over.

However, there’s a notable change in the lineup – Will Ferrell, the original voice behind Megamind in the film, won’t be reprising his role in the upcoming show and film.

For those not in the know, Megamind, released in 2010, follows our titular character as he creates a new superhero to face off against after defeating his nemesis. The film gained acclaim for its comedic flair and clever parody of the superhero genre, even birthing a collection of memorable memes.

While some might argue it doesn’t quite match up to the impact of The Incredibles, Megamind stands out as a fun and satirical comic book parody, offering a unique take on the superhero genre. So, save the date for March 1, as Megamind returns to bring joy and laughter to fans once again!

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