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Middle East airstrikes: Retired U.S. Air Force General weighs in as U.S. responds to deadly drone attack

Following the U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and Syria on February 2, a retired Air Force Major General has shared insights into the unfolding situation in the Middle East.

As reported by the U.S. Central Command, the airstrikes specifically targeted Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and “affiliated militia groups.” Over 85 targets, including command-and-control centers, intelligence facilities, rockets, missiles, unmanned aerial vehicle storage, and logistics and munition supply chain facilities, were hit by U.S. aircraft, including long-range bombers flown from stateside bases.

These airstrikes came in the aftermath of a drone attack on a Jordanian base that claimed the lives of three U.S. soldiers. While not directly targeting Iran, President Joe Biden issued a statement, cautioning that military responses would continue “at times and places of our choosing.”

Retired Major General Mick McGuire expressed a lack of surprise at the military response but conveyed disappointment over the escalation. He acknowledged the recent loss of servicemen and injuries to Arizona guardsmen in Jordan, expressing hope that the strikes would serve as a deterrent, reducing the frequency and intensity of violence against U.S. servicemembers overseas.

Despite this, Major General McGuire voiced skepticism about the effectiveness of the Friday strikes in breaking the recurring cycle of violence. He emphasized concerns about engaging in prolonged conflicts without clear military objectives and stressed the importance of providing increased resources and capabilities, including short-range and long-range missile defense, to protect U.S. servicemembers in strategic locations.

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