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Netanyahu’s post-war plan for Gaza Strip draws cool US reception

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed strategy for handling Gaza after the war isn’t sitting well with the Biden administration. They’re not on board with Netanyahu’s approach and are pushing for a stronger role for the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the region.

According to John Kirby from the US National Security Council, the Palestinians should have a say in their future, and the PA should take charge in Gaza post-war. The Biden administration has been clear about this expectation, urging Israel to avoid displacing Palestinians forcefully and to prevent Hamas from taking control.

While Netanyahu’s plan rejects the idea of the PA governing Gaza, the international community favors PA involvement due to its existing infrastructure. Despite concerns about the PA’s legitimacy, there’s hope that reforms could improve its standing.

Netanyahu’s proposal includes giving the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) free rein to prevent terrorist activities and setting up a security buffer zone along Gaza’s border. However, this clashes with the Biden administration’s goal of maintaining Gaza’s territorial integrity.

The plan also involves appointing local officials to manage services, working with Egypt to stop smuggling, and securing funding from Arab countries for reconstruction. Additionally, it aims to demilitarize and de-radicalize Gaza’s population.

It’s worth noting that Netanyahu’s plan doesn’t specifically mention the PA but lays out criteria for managing civil affairs in Gaza, possibly excluding entities tied to terrorism.

While Netanyahu has hesitated to discuss post-war Gaza to avoid disagreements within his coalition, the Biden administration is urging Israel to act swiftly to avoid being left out of regional plans.

In essence, Netanyahu’s plan for Gaza’s reconstruction has caused tension with the Biden administration, highlighting differing views on governance and rebuilding efforts in the region.

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