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Not ‘what we intended’ – Google admits its Gemini AI ‘got it wrong’ following widely panned image generator

Google recently issued an apology regarding its AI image generator, acknowledging its failure to meet expectations. Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s senior vice president of Knowledge & Information, addressed concerns in a blog post, recognizing that the feature, introduced three weeks ago for the Gemini conversational app, had produced inaccurate and offensive images.

The controversy emerged when Gemini generated historically inaccurate images, often omitting White individuals. In response to feedback, Google promptly halted the generation of people images.

Raghavan explained that while Gemini was intended to avoid generating violent or sexually explicit content and provide a diverse range of images, its tuning overlooked cases where specific depictions were required. Additionally, the model became excessively cautious over time, resulting in inaccurate and inappropriate outcomes.

Google has committed to subjecting the image processing feature to extensive testing before resuming its operation. Raghavan emphasized that Gemini is distinct from Google’s search engine and advised users to rely on Google Search for high-quality information.

Despite efforts to enhance the system, Raghavan cautioned that mistakes may still occur given the complexities of AI technology. He assured users of Google’s dedication to addressing issues promptly and responsibly.

Prior to the pause, Gemini responded to queries about displaying images of White individuals by stating its inability to comply due to concerns about reinforcing harmful stereotypes. Instead, it encouraged users to focus on individual qualities rather than race.

The incident highlights the challenges associated with deploying AI technologies and underscores the importance of ongoing refinement and oversight to ensure ethical and accurate outcomes.

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