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Nvidia’s stock market value rose $273 billion in a day. How it rose to AI prominence, by the numbers

Nvidia witnessed an astounding 16% surge in its stock price on Thursday, catapulting its market value by an unprecedented $273 billion in just a single day, marking a historic milestone for the chipmaker.

The surge was fueled by the soaring demand for Nvidia’s semiconductors, which power a wide array of artificial intelligence (AI) applications. In the latest quarter, Nvidia’s revenue more than tripled compared to the same period last year, reflecting the company’s significant growth trajectory in the AI space.

This surge is indicative of the enduring enthusiasm surrounding artificial intelligence, with Nvidia emerging as a prominent player in this rapidly evolving field. Let’s delve deeper into some notable figures:

– Nvidia’s one-day market value increase of $273 billion sets a new record in the industry, surpassing even Meta Platform’s gain of $205 billion earlier this year. To put this into perspective, Nvidia’s one-day gain exceeds the total market values of major companies like Bank of America and Coca-Cola.

– As of the close of trading on Thursday, Nvidia’s total market value stands at a staggering $1.915 trillion, cementing its position as the third most valuable public company, trailing only behind Microsoft and Apple. Remarkably, just a year ago, Nvidia’s market value was around $580 billion.

– Nvidia’s revenue for the fiscal year ended Jan. 28 reached an impressive $60.9 billion, more than doubling compared to the previous year and representing a six-fold increase over the past five years. Analysts anticipate Nvidia’s revenue to surpass $100 billion in fiscal 2025.

– With a net margin of 48.8%, Nvidia demonstrates remarkable profitability, with nearly half of its revenue translating into profit. In comparison, industry giants like Apple and Microsoft boast net margins of 25.3% and 34.1%, respectively, albeit with significantly higher revenue figures.

Overall, Nvidia’s exceptional performance underscores its dominant position in the semiconductor industry and its pivotal role in driving advancements in artificial intelligence.

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