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Politics Created the Border Crisis

This week on the Reason Roundtable podcast, editors Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, and Peter Suderman dive into two major topics: the ongoing situation at the U.S.-Mexico border and the recent tragic deaths of three U.S. soldiers in Jordan.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s discussed in the podcast:

At 01:14, the panel tackles the disputes at the U.S.-Mexico border, particularly focusing on border crossing issues.

Moving on to 19:49, they analyze the deaths of the U.S. soldiers in Jordan, exploring the implications of this tragic event.

At 29:12, they address a listener question submitted for the week.

The discussion then shifts to the White House’s decision to halt natural gas export terminals at 37:39.

At 44:22, they reflect on the aftermath of the New Hampshire primary.

Finally, at 47:22, the panel shares their cultural recommendations for the week.

Throughout the podcast, they reference various articles covering these topics, including Fiona Harrigan’s analysis of Greg Abbott’s border policy, Robby Soave’s coverage of the soldier deaths in Jordan, and Ilya Somin’s examination of Greg Abbott’s stance on immigration.

Listeners are encouraged to send their questions to [email protected], providing their social media handle and the correct pronunciation of their name.

The podcast is sponsored by the Institute for Justice’s Bound By Oath podcast, which explores the history of property rights and the Supreme Court’s role in shaping civil rights battles. Listeners can tune in to Bound By Oath on their preferred podcast platform, starting with Episode 1.

This rewrite maintains a conversational tone while summarizing the key points discussed in the Reason Roundtable podcast, making it easily digestible for listeners.

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