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Politics or policy: Will either triumph at the border?

In the latest episode of the 538 Politics podcast, the focus shifts to the complex realm of immigration and border security negotiations in the nation’s capital. Host Galen Druke engages in a dynamic conversation with a panel of experts, including Carlos Odio, co-founder of Equis Research; Rachael Bade, renowned author of POLITICO Playbook; and Leah Askarinam, an esteemed politics reporter at 538. Together, they delve into the multifaceted landscape of immigration policy, dissecting the evolving public sentiment surrounding this critical issue.

The discussion delves into the nuanced nuances of proposed policy changes and their potential impact on the political landscape. With immigration being a hot-button issue for both parties, the panelists offer insights into how shifting public opinion may influence policy outcomes. From border security measures to pathways to citizenship, the conversation navigates through the intricate maze of legislative proposals and their implications for the nation’s future.

Later in the episode, Galen is joined by G. Elliott Morris, 538’s director of data analytics, to shed light on the methodology behind 538’s pollster ratings. Morris provides valuable insights into the rigorous evaluation process used to assess the performance of polling organizations, highlighting the criteria used to determine the best pollsters in America. By analyzing polling data with a critical eye, Morris and his team aim to provide audiences with reliable and accurate information about public opinion and political trends.

Overall, the episode offers a comprehensive examination of the current state of immigration politics in the United States, coupled with a behind-the-scenes look at the methodologies used to analyze public opinion data. Through insightful discussions and expert analysis, the podcast provides listeners with valuable perspectives on one of the most pressing issues facing the nation today.

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