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Quitting smoking reduces cancer risk at any age, says study

A recent study sheds light on the significant benefits of quitting smoking in lowering the risk of cancer. This extensive study, conducted on a large scale in Korea, analyzed data from millions of individuals and found that quitting smoking for at least 15 years can reduce the chances of developing cancer by half. Led by Dr. Jin-Kyoung Oh at the National Cancer Center near Seoul, the research highlighted that quitting smoking, especially before middle age, can lead to a substantial decrease in lung cancer risk.

Over a period of more than 13 years, the study observed a considerable drop in lung cancer risk among those who quit smoking, with notable reductions also seen for liver, colorectal, and stomach cancers. Regardless of age, quitting smoking was found to be beneficial, with individuals quitting before the age of 50 experiencing a significant 57% decrease in lung cancer risk compared to continued smokers.

Experts emphasize the complex nature of cancer development, where DNA mutations play a crucial role. Quitting smoking at a younger age can greatly mitigate this risk, underscoring the importance of early cessation efforts. Cancer Research UK emphasizes the urgency of supporting smokers in their journey to quit, with increased funding for cessation services and legislative measures aimed at reducing tobacco use being essential in the fight against cancer and protecting public health.

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