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Reelection won’t be an easy path for Biden as he prepares to turn the page toward a face-off with Trump.

President Joe Biden officially shifted his focus to the general election, anticipating a face-off with former President Donald Trump. Biden’s team sees this as a crucial battle for democracy and believes that Trump will be the Republican nominee, as indicated by the results of New Hampshire’s primary.

Despite this, Biden’s path to victory is expected to be challenging. The campaign acknowledges the closeness of the race and plans to intensify efforts in the coming weeks. Facing a divided party, Biden needs to reenergize key voting blocs that were instrumental in his 2020 victory.

During a speech on abortion rights in Virginia, Biden faced disruptions from protesters expressing concerns over his handling of the conflict in Gaza. Divisions within his coalition, especially on foreign policy issues, have become more apparent. Biden’s campaign aims to address these challenges, recognizing the need to bring together various factions within the Democratic Party.

Recent developments include securing the endorsement of the United Auto Workers and a focus on economic issues. Biden’s team believes that his support for infrastructure investments and economic policies will resonate with voters. The campaign is gearing up for a tough battle against Trump, whom Biden openly labels a threat to democracy.

Despite internal divisions and challenges, Biden’s advisers express confidence in his ability to connect with voters and believe that a clear choice between Biden and Trump will work in their favor. The president’s team plans to highlight legislative accomplishments and address concerns about misinformation.

As the campaign officially begins, Biden faces a demanding road ahead, with uncertainties about how issues like the Gaza conflict will impact his support. Democratic jitters about Biden’s reelection prospects have led to strategic shifts, including key advisers moving from the White House to the campaign headquarters.

The upcoming Democratic primary contests in South Carolina, Nevada, and Michigan will provide early indicators of Biden’s strengths and weaknesses in this election season. The president’s team remains optimistic about his ability to connect with voters, emphasizing the importance of a focused and energized campaign leading up to November.

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