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Report says air pollution is a factor in spiking cancer cases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has shared new projections indicating a substantial 77% surge in global cancer cases by 2050, with air pollution identified as a significant contributing factor. The report highlights that fine particle pollution, notably from sources like diesel exhaust, can trigger cell dysfunction, leading to inflammation and ultimately fostering cancerous growth. While the anticipated increase in cancer cases is linked to pollution, the article stresses that other factors, such as population growth and extended life expectancy, are also influential. The report underscores the role of immunity in preventing cancer, emphasizing that as populations age, the susceptibility to cancer rises. Additionally, advancements in cancer diagnosis contribute to identifying cases that may have gone undetected in the past. The piece also touches on the potential connection between pollution and declining mental health, acknowledging the need for further research to establish this link. Despite pollution’s impact, tobacco and alcohol remain primary contributors to cancer. The WHO report draws attention to the transfer of pollution to developing nations and calls for global awareness to address the repercussions of environmental degradation on public health. The article suggests that increased scientific evidence correlating health with environmental conditions could serve as an ecological wake-up call, prompting a shift from ethical environmental protection to ecological awareness driven by public health concerns. This shift may empower citizens to pressure policymakers by conveying the message that environmental degradation is not only harming the planet but also endangering human lives.

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