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Samsung has a large number of Galaxy devices eligible to get the Android 15 update.

Android 14 had its fair share of impressive features, but all eyes are now on the developer preview of Android 15. Google aims to achieve “Platform Stability at Beta 3 in June,” hinting at a potential rollout to Google Pixels by July. As we near the end of February, anticipation for the new OS continues to grow.

However, not every smartphone will receive the Android 15 update, with hardware limitations being a key factor for many manufacturers. But for Samsung Galaxy users, there’s some promising news.

Samsung has compiled a comprehensive list of eligible Galaxy smartphones slated to receive the Android 15 update. This update will be delivered via the One UI 7.0 update, following its rollout to Google Pixels.

Here’s a breakdown of the eligible Samsung Galaxy smartphones:

**Samsung Galaxy M Series**
– Galaxy M15
– Galaxy M33
– Galaxy M34
– Galaxy M53
– Galaxy M54

**Galaxy F Series**
– Galaxy F15
– Galaxy F34
– Galaxy F54

**Samsung Galaxy A Series**
– Galaxy A14 (LTE+5G)
– Galaxy A15 (LTE+5G)
– Galaxy A23
– Galaxy A24
– Galaxy A25
– Galaxy A33
– Galaxy A34
– Galaxy A53
– Galaxy A54
– Galaxy A72
– Galaxy A73

**Galaxy Z Series**
– Galaxy Z Flip 3
– Galaxy Z Flip 4
– Galaxy Z Flip 5
– Galaxy Z Fold 3
– Galaxy Z Fold 4
– Galaxy Z Fold 5

**Samsung Galaxy S Series**
– Galaxy S21
– Galaxy S21 FE
– Galaxy S21 Ultra
– Galaxy S21+
– Galaxy S22
– Galaxy S22 Ultra
– Galaxy S22+
– Galaxy S23
– Galaxy S23 FE
– Galaxy S23 Ultra
– Galaxy S23+
– Galaxy S24
– Galaxy S24 Ultra
– Galaxy S24+

**Galaxy Tab Series**
– Galaxy Tab S8 (Wi-Fi/5G)
– Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (Wi-Fi/5G)
– Galaxy Tab S8+ (Wi-Fi/5G)
– Galaxy Tab S9 (Wi-Fi/5G)
– Galaxy Tab S9 FE
– Galaxy Tab S9 FE+
– Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra (Wi-Fi/5G)
– Galaxy Tab S9+ (Wi-Fi/5G)

What can users expect from Android 15? While its official release date remains uncertain, developer previews offer exciting insights:

**Privacy Enhancements:** Android 15 prioritizes user privacy with Google’s Privacy Sandbox, aiming to replace third-party cookies with a more privacy-conscious approach. Tighter app sandboxing and granular permission controls empower users to safeguard their data.

**Improved Multitasking:** Foldable devices and tablets will benefit from enhanced window management and app resizing features, facilitating seamless multitasking. Additionally, Material You theming allows for greater personalization of app icons and colors.

**Enhanced Notification Management:** Android 15 offers users more control over notifications, including the ability to silence specific apps or categories. A notification history feature ensures important alerts are never missed. Accessibility enhancements make the OS more inclusive.

With Android 15, Google continues its commitment to user privacy, multitasking efficiency, and streamlined notification management, promising an exciting update for Android enthusiasts worldwide.

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