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Samsung says Quick Share and Nearby Share apps for Windows won’t merge for months.

The integration of Quick Share and Nearby Share is currently underway, although the process is facing some challenges, particularly regarding compatibility issues on Windows devices. Samsung has provided insights into the ongoing merger, shedding light on the rollout timeline and addressing concerns about cross-platform functionality.

According to information shared by Samsung in a recent forum post, the merger of Quick Share and Nearby Share is progressing, with an official rollout scheduled for Galaxy devices from February 2 to February 16. While the rollout has commenced for some users, it may take some time to reach all devices. Additionally, Samsung has indicated that once the rollout is complete, the existing Nearby Share chip on Galaxy devices will be removed, streamlining the user experience.

Despite these advancements, the situation with Windows apps for Quick Share and Nearby Share remains complex. Samsung has announced that the separate apps on Windows will continue to coexist until the third quarter of 2024 (July through September). This delay in integration poses challenges for users seeking seamless cross-platform functionality.

It’s worth noting that Samsung’s Quick Share app for Windows is currently optimized exclusively for Galaxy Book, limiting its compatibility with other Windows PCs. In contrast, Google’s Nearby Share app, although not receiving recent updates, offers broader compatibility across Windows devices.

The ongoing integration efforts aim to enhance user experience and streamline file sharing between devices. Quick Share is actively rolling out to Android devices, with an update also available for Samsung’s app via the Galaxy Store. While progress is being made, the road to seamless cross-platform functionality may require further collaboration and development efforts from both Samsung and Google.

As the merger progresses, users can expect improvements in compatibility and functionality, ultimately providing a more cohesive and efficient file-sharing experience across devices.

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