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Scientists Discover New Magnetism

Scientists have stumbled upon an intriguing twist in the world of magnets, shaking up what we thought we knew. They’ve uncovered a whole new kind of magnetism, something called Nagaoka’s ferromagnetism, which was theorized way back in 1966 but never actually seen until now.

Picture this: they crafted a super-thin lattice, basically a structure made of incredibly thin layers of certain materials. When they overloaded this lattice with electrons, something totally unexpected happened. Instead of the electrons just minding their own business, they paired up and aligned their spins, creating these little pockets of magnetism within the material.

It’s pretty wild because this goes against the usual rules of magnets. Normally, when electrons get their spin on, they create a magnetic field that sticks around even after the outside influence is gone. But in this new material, things get a bit more complicated, especially when there are more electrons than available slots for them.

Now, here’s the kicker: while this discovery is super cool, it comes with a bit of a drawback. It only works at temperatures so cold they make Antarctica feel like a tropical paradise. So, don’t expect to find this new magnetism chilling in your fridge anytime soon.

But despite the chilly conditions, this discovery is a big deal. It could open up all sorts of doors in the world of science, from better understanding how materials conduct heat and electricity to unlocking new possibilities in super high-tech stuff like quantum computing.

So, while we might not see this new magnetism in action just yet, it’s definitely got scientists buzzing with excitement. Who knows what other secrets are hiding out there, just waiting to be uncovered?

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