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“The GOP primary proves it: Trump is killing the idea that ‘all politics is local.’”

Let’s talk about the GOP race this year. It’s not just about picking a candidate anymore—it’s about a whole new ballgame where national issues trump local concerns. Back in the day, Tip O’Neill said politics was all about what’s happening in your own backyard. But now, with Donald Trump’s towering presence, it’s all about what’s happening on the national stage.

This shift is throwing a curveball for contenders like Nikki Haley. She used to bank on support from her home turf, but now she’s scrambling to find her footing in a game where social media, fast news, and big political groups call the shots.

According to GOP strategist Mike Madrid, this change isn’t just about states anymore. It’s about a kind of politics that blurs borders, making voters in different places more alike than we’d think.

For Haley, this means facing an uphill battle in South Carolina, where Trump’s popularity overshadows her own legacy as governor.

Even tried-and-true campaign tactics don’t pack the same punch in this new landscape. Just look at Ron DeSantis, who put his all into Iowa but still couldn’t hold a candle to Trump’s influence.

And in New Hampshire, Haley’s big investments didn’t pay off like she hoped, showing that old-school campaigning might be a thing of the past. With fewer face-to-face chats and more media noise, the game has changed.

This national shift isn’t just shaking up big races—it’s even changing the game for local elections. In one Indianapolis mayoral race, national issues took the spotlight over potholes and other hometown concerns.

Bottom line? Politics isn’t just about what’s happening down the street anymore. It’s about what’s making waves across the country. And candidates better learn to ride that national wave if they want to stay in the game.

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