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The treasury borrowing announcement kickstarts dollar moves lower and stock and bond buying.

The recent revelation of lower-than-anticipated borrowing by the Treasury Department has triggered significant movements across various financial markets. Here’s a detailed overview of the reactions observed:


The news of reduced borrowing has injected optimism into the stock market. As a result, stock prices are trending higher, indicating a positive sentiment among investors. Notably, the NASDAQ index has surged by 163 points, representing a notable 1.05% increase. Similarly, the S&P index has achieved a new record high, climbing by 33.81 points, while the Dow Industrial Average has seen a rise of 200 points, marking a 0.52% uptick.


In the bond market, the decrease in Treasury borrowing has led to an increase in bond prices. Consequently, bond yields have witnessed a decline across different tenors. The 2-year yield has dipped by 5.3 basis points to 4.311%, the 5-year yield is down by 8.9 basis points to 3.972%, the 10-year yield has decreased by 9.6 basis points to 4.064%, and the 30-year yield has seen a decline of 8.3 basis points to 4.306%.

3. USD:

The impact of the lower borrowing figures is also reflected in the foreign exchange market, particularly in currency pairs involving the US dollar. The EURUSD pair, after rebounding from its 50% midpoint, is now eyeing a test of its 200-day moving average at 1.08420. Conversely, the USDJPY has slipped below its 100-day moving average, while the GBPUSD has rebounded from its 50% level and is trading between its 200 and 100-hour moving averages. Additionally, the USDCHF is retracing to retest a crucial support level at 0.86059.

In summary, the unexpected drop in Treasury borrowing has triggered a series of reactions across different asset classes, highlighting the interconnectedness of global financial markets.

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