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The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Post-Sandoval Season Premiere Is a Snoozy Bummer

Can you believe it’s been less than a year since the reality TV bombshell that rocked Vanderpump Rules? Last March, the infamous “Scandoval” scandal surfaced, exposing Tom Sandoval’s affair with co-star Raquel Leviss while in a relationship with Ariana Madix. Fast forward to Season 11 in June 2023, and the aftermath is still reverberating.

The season kicks off with a less-than-thrilling note as Ariana and Katie discuss their yet-to-be-opened sandwich shop, Something About Her. Tom Sandoval, filming a reality competition show, is notably absent from the premiere, while Raquel, now going by Rachel, has checked into a treatment facility.

Despite the Scandoval drama’s explosive ratings, the momentum appears to have slowed. The premiere suggests that, morally corrupt as he may be, Sandoval might be the driving force behind the show.

As the cast rehashes the Scandoval, tensions rise. James expresses disinterest in rekindling his friendship with Sandoval, while Scheana, despite reaching out to him, finds herself blocked on various platforms. A wild Tom Schwartz appears, expressing resentment for Sandoval’s role in the affair fallout and its impact on their cocktail bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s.

Ariana and Scheana’s spa day introduces mild pot-stirring, with Scheana questioning Ariana’s processing of the trauma. Scheana, diagnosed with OCD and off alcohol, probes Ariana about attending James’ DJ set at TomTom.

Lisa Vanderpump’s appearance is almost a jumpscare, as Vanderpump Rules has shifted from its original premise. Schwartz struggles to break into the inner circle, feeling Ariana’s icy demeanor. Lala has a change of heart towards Rachel, unblocking her and extending an olive branch.

The next night’s dinner takes a messy turn as Lala plays “devil’s advocate” for Schwartz. Ariana feels blindsided when Lala questions her feelings toward her and opens up about softening towards Rachel. Attempted reconciliations crumble, leading to potential conflicts on the horizon.

As Sandoval returns home, the trailer teases further drama, including fallout between Katie and Scheana, more Ariana and Sandoval turmoil, and a possible clash between Lala and Ariana. The future of Vanderpump Rules may hold more intrigue than initially thought.

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