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Tim Burton is set to direct the remake of “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman” from Gillian Flynn.

Tim Burton and Gillian Flynn are teaming up to breathe new life into the classic B-movie “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.” Warner Bros. is backing the project, which promises to reimagine the iconic 1950s genre film. In this modern retelling, Burton will take the helm as director, while Flynn will craft the screenplay, infusing the story with her signature style.

The original film, directed by Nathan Juran and released by Warner Bros., tells the tale of a woman who undergoes a transformation into a giantess after encountering an alien. The succinct logline for the original film reads: “Turned into a giantess by an alien, a woman finds her husband in a bar with a floozy.” This simple yet captivating premise captured the imaginations of audiences in the 1950s and has remained a cult classic ever since.

Burton, known for his unique visual style and penchant for the fantastical, is not only directing but also producing the project alongside Andrew Mittman and Tommy Harper. With Burton’s visionary approach and Flynn’s knack for compelling storytelling, the remake is poised to captivate both fans of the original and newcomers alike.

Despite the lukewarm reception of Burton’s previous film, “Dumbo,” he has demonstrated his ability to create engaging and visually stunning projects with recent successes like the Netflix series “Wednesday.” Additionally, Burton recently completed filming on a sequel to the beloved cult classic “Beetlejuice,” further solidifying his status as a master of the macabre.

Flynn, acclaimed for her work on “Gone Girl” and other gripping thrillers, brings her talent for crafting complex characters and unexpected twists to the project. Together, Burton and Flynn make a formidable creative team, poised to breathe new life into the story of the 50 Foot Woman for a new generation.

Both Burton and Flynn are represented by WME, with Flynn also represented by Theresa Kang and Jackoway Austen. As production on the remake progresses, fans eagerly await further updates on this exciting collaboration between two powerhouse talents in the entertainment industry.

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