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Tom Hollander Says Tom Holland’s Box Office Bonus for Marvel Was Accidentally Sent to Him

British actor Tom Hollander recently shared a humorous encounter highlighting the mix-up between him and Spider-Man star Tom Holland, despite their distinct appearances. During a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the Pride & Prejudice actor jokingly expressed the challenges of sharing a name with the hugely famous star, stating, “it’s been very difficult” because “I was here first. But he’s enormously famous.”

Hollander went on to recount a moment when his agency mistakenly confused him with the Spider-Man actor via email, inadvertently sending Holland’s box office bonus for an Avengers sequel to Hollander.

Describing the mix-up, Hollander shared, “People in the accounts department of my agency got confused. We were with the same agency briefly. And it was a terrible moment.” He humorously narrated how he discovered the confusion while attending a theater show in England, receiving an email during the interval indicating a “Payment slip for the first box office bonus for The Avengers.”

Despite realizing he wasn’t part of The Avengers, Hollander opened the email, revealing an unexpected seven-figure sum. He clarified that it wasn’t Holland’s salary but rather his first box-office bonus, exceeding any amount he had seen before.

Hollander’s latest role is in Ryan Murphy’s anthology drama series, Feud: Capote vs. The Swans, scheduled to premiere on FX on Jan. 31.

Meanwhile, fans are curious about Tom Holland’s potential return as Spider-Man in a fourth movie. In a Hollywood Reporter interview last year, Holland mentioned sitting in Spider-Man development meetings but expressed apprehension about doing a fourth installment due to the perceived stigma around it. Later, in November, he told Collider that he would consider reprising the role if the storyline does “justice to the character.”

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