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Trader Joe’s shoppers in the Bay Area are being warned by local police about a new crime trend.

Police in the Bay Area are alerting shoppers to a concerning trend of thefts occurring at local Trader Joe’s stores. The Livermore Police Department shared on Facebook that wallets are being taken from unattended shopping carts or open purses while customers browse aisles, particularly in the Tri-Valley region. Authorities are urging shoppers to stay vigilant, minimize distractions, and avoid leaving items unattended, emphasizing the rising crime at businesses in nearby communities.

The police’s Facebook post advises customers to “Trust Your Instincts” and report any suspicious behavior to store staff or security promptly. Staying alert and taking proactive measures can contribute to protecting belongings and ensuring a worry-free shopping experience, the post highlights. Recent closures of Oakland locations by Denny’s and In-N-Out, citing high crime rates, underscore the broader challenges faced by businesses.

Blue Shield and Clorox are reportedly taking steps to enhance employee safety, with plans to hire “security escorts” for workers, especially when commuting to BART, parking garages, and restaurants. Kaiser Permanente, headquartered in Oakland, is cautioning its employees to eat indoors due to the impact of ongoing crime on businesses across the city. The Danville Police Department has also issued warnings about similar thefts on its Facebook page, emphasizing the need for caution and not assuming belongings are safe in shopping carts.

To enhance safety, the police recommend staying close to carts, leaving bags at home, and exercising caution when unloading items from carts. The shared safety tips aim to help shoppers navigate the current challenges and foster a secure environment in stores.

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