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Unreleased Lady Gaga Tracks Sneak Onto Streaming Services

Lady Gaga Fans Surprised by Unreleased Tracks on Streaming Platforms

In a surprising turn of events, fans recently discovered several unreleased versions of Lady Gaga’s songs on popular streaming services. What caught everyone off guard was that these tracks were credited to her real name, Stefani Germanotta, without any mention of her iconic stage persona.

Among these finds are alternative mixes or versions of well-known songs like “Perfect Illusion” and “Fashion,” as well as an unearthed 2007 track called “Retro Physical,” which Gaga collaborated on with producer Noize Trip. This particular song has been circulating online for years and is reminiscent of Gaga’s early sound from her debut album, “The Fame.”

Additionally, there are early renditions of familiar tunes. For instance, “Fashion” is labeled as a demo but plays as a slightly modified version of the song featured on the soundtrack of “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” Meanwhile, the “Perfect Illusion” demo, which some suspect was generated using artificial intelligence, was initially shared as a fan-made prank back in 2016. Interestingly, “Perfect Illusion” recently reappeared on streaming platforms after being absent for some time.

These tracks suddenly appeared on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal approximately nine days ago, uploaded by an enigmatic entity named UnreleasedSongs, which also claimed ownership of the copyrights. However, it remains unclear how many other tracks have been uploaded by this entity.

Streaming platforms often face challenges in monitoring and addressing unauthorized uploads due to the sheer volume of content added daily. Similar incidents have occurred in the past, such as the unauthorized release of a full album of unreleased R. Kelly material titled “I Admit.” These Gaga tracks are expected to meet a similar fate, with their removal from platforms likely imminent.

While the discovery of these unreleased versions has sparked excitement among Gaga’s fanbase, questions linger about their legitimacy and potential removal from streaming platforms.

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