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Usher recalls how he got into a ‘bidding war’ with Justin Timberlake over Justin Bieber

Usher recently shared a fascinating anecdote about a friendly competition he had with Justin Timberlake over the opportunity to sign Justin Bieber. During a recent interview, the R&B star reminisced about the early 2000s when both he and Timberlake were eager to bring the then-unknown pop sensation Bieber into their respective record labels.

According to Usher, the competition arose shortly after the success of his album “Confessions.” He recounted presenting a compelling offer to Scooter Braun, who would later become Bieber’s manager, in hopes of securing Bieber for his record label. This led to what Usher described as a “bidding war” between himself and Timberlake.

Ultimately, Usher emerged victorious and signed Bieber to his and Scooter Braun’s joint record label, Raymond Braun Media Group, in 2008. Despite the competitive nature of the situation, Usher emphasized his passion and commitment to nurturing Bieber’s talent.

Reflecting on his decision, Usher acknowledged Timberlake’s potential to support Bieber but expressed confidence in his ability to guide the young artist’s career. He also expressed admiration for Timberlake’s talent and indicated a desire to collaborate with him in the future.

Although there was speculation about Bieber making a cameo during Usher’s Super Bowl 2024 halftime performance, the singer ultimately declined the invitation due to timing issues. However, Usher confirmed that there were no hard feelings between them, and Bieber and his wife Hailey watched Usher’s performance from a luxurious suite in Las Vegas.

Bieber’s absence from the Super Bowl festivities came after he canceled tour dates in 2022 due to health issues, including Ramsay Hunt syndrome and previous struggles with mental health.

Despite missing out on the Super Bowl opportunity, Usher remains open to collaborating with Bieber in the future, highlighting the mutual respect between them. This friendly rivalry between Usher and Timberlake offers a fascinating glimpse into the competitive dynamics of the music industry, where artists vie for the next big star.

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