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Watch Bob Odenkirk, surprised to learn he’s related to King Charles: ‘I’m not a monarchist’

Bob Odenkirk, the veteran actor best known for his roles in popular TV series like “Better Call Saul,” is causing a stir with an unexpected revelation on PBS’ genealogy show, “Finding Your Roots.” In the upcoming episode, Odenkirk discovers that he shares a familial bond with none other than King Charles, making them distant eleventh cousins.

This surprising revelation traces back five generations to Odenkirk’s fifth great grandfather, Friedrich Carl Steinholz, who hailed from Plön, Germany, born in 1755. Steinholz’s lineage connects Odenkirk to the Duke of Plön, linking him to the royal families of Europe through intermarriage.

Before the big reveal, Odenkirk shares his thoughts on monarchy, expressing a preference for democracy over royal rule. However, when host Henry Louis Gates Jr. drops the bombshell about his royal lineage, Odenkirk can’t help but laugh and jokingly considers changing his stance on monarchy.

The banter continues as Gates playfully teases Odenkirk for poking fun at his newfound royal connections, prompting more laughter from the actor. Despite the initial surprise, Odenkirk acknowledges the unexpected twist and humorously ponders the prospect of being invited to royal events at Buckingham Palace.

“Finding Your Roots” has a track record of uncovering fascinating family histories of celebrities, including Julia Roberts, Maya Rudolph, and Jeff Goldblum. The show’s knack for revealing surprising ancestral connections has led to revelations of royal ancestry for stars like Michael Strahan, Terry Crews, and Billy Crudup.

Don’t miss Bob Odenkirk’s episode of “Finding Your Roots,” airing Tuesday at 8 p.m. on PBS, for more intriguing insights into celebrity genealogy.

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