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“Whenever you can do more for patients, we get excited about it,” said Dr. Robert Zemble, the chief of the allergy division at LVHN.

The recent FDA approval of the first medication aimed at reducing the risk of reactions to multiple foods has stirred excitement among medical circles, particularly for professionals like Dr. Robert Zemble at Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN).

As the chief of the allergy division at LVHN, Dr. Zemble is eager to incorporate Xolair into his treatment plans for patients. This new medication holds promise for individuals with severe food allergies, especially those who react to multiple foods and have experienced severe or frequent allergic reactions leading to emergency room visits.

Xolair isn’t a new medication per se, having been used previously for conditions like asthma and hives. However, its approval for the treatment of multiple food allergies marks a significant milestone. Administered via injection, Xolair serves as a preventive measure for long-term management of food allergies.

Clinical trials have shown promising results, with a notable improvement in tolerance to peanut protein among participants. However, it’s essential to recognize that Xolair may not be effective for everyone, and patients are still advised to exercise caution and avoid allergens.

Despite its potential benefits, Xolair isn’t without risks, and Dr. Zemble stresses the importance of discussing its suitability with each patient individually.

While Xolair’s approval represents a significant advancement in allergy treatment, Dr. Zemble believes it may not drastically alter the overall approach to food allergies or lead to substantial changes in daily life for most families. Nonetheless, it offers hope and a new avenue for managing severe food allergies.

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