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“Windows is getting its own Magic Eraser to AI-modify your photos”

Microsoft has entered the arena of AI-driven photo editing with the introduction of Generative Erase, a feature embedded within the Photos app for Windows. This move aligns Microsoft with tech giants like Google and Samsung, who have also integrated similar AI-powered functionalities into their devices.

Generative Erase allows users to seamlessly remove unwanted elements from their photos using sophisticated AI algorithms. Demonstrated examples showcase the tool’s effectiveness in erasing objects such as a dog’s leash and unintended photobombers, demonstrating its potential to enhance photo quality with minimal effort.

One notable aspect of Generative Erase is its accessibility; users won’t need to invest in new hardware to access this feature. Instead, it will be available on Windows 11 and will also be retroactively introduced to Windows 10. Furthermore, compatibility will extend to Windows 11 for Arm64 devices. Alongside object removal, other AI-powered editing capabilities like background removal will also be incorporated, enhancing the overall editing experience for users.

Currently, Generative Erase is available exclusively to Windows Insiders, marking the initial phase of its rollout. Microsoft encourages users to update their Photos app to version number 2024.11020.21001.0 or higher to gain access to these innovative features. However, it remains unclear whether AI-edited photos will include metadata or watermarks to distinguish them from unedited ones, raising questions about the integrity and authenticity of edited images.

This introduction of Generative Erase underscores Microsoft’s commitment to integrating cutting-edge AI technologies into its software ecosystem. By leveraging AI advancements, Microsoft aims to empower users with powerful editing tools that streamline the photo editing process and enhance creativity. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, AI-driven innovations like Generative Erase are poised to revolutionize the way users interact with and manipulate visual content, ushering in a new era of digital creativity and expression.

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