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Woman Charged With Hiding Corpse Over Body Parts Found in Refrigerator

In a disturbing incident in Brooklyn, a woman named Heather Stines is facing charges of concealing a human corpse after police discovered a head and other body parts in garbage bags inside her refrigerator. The gruesome discovery was prompted by a tip about a possible human head in a black bag. When officers arrived at Ms. Stines’ East Flatbush apartment, she was alone, and the refrigerator was taped shut. Ms. Stines pleaded with the officers not to open it.

Upon opening the refrigerator, the police found the remains and learned from Ms. Stines that the body parts belonged to a man her husband had allegedly killed during a dispute in September. She claimed not to have witnessed the killing. The victim was identified as Kawsheen Gelzer, and the cause of death has not been disclosed as of now.

Ms. Stines was taken into custody and evaluated at a hospital. It was revealed that she had open warrants related to shoplifting and bail-jumping charges. She pleaded not guilty during her arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

Ms. Stines and her husband shared the apartment where the remains were found, and neighbors, who had long had concerns about security in the building, expressed shock over the charges. Some residents expressed their desire to move out due to safety and sanitation worries.

Aime Stines, Ms. Stines’ aunt, spoke about her niece’s background, mentioning a history of drug use but expressing disbelief at the charges. She described Heather as someone who “always seemed happy” and expressed shock upon learning about the arrest. The investigation is ongoing as the New York Police Department faces challenges on various fronts.

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