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“‘Yellowstone’ star Lainey Wilson testifies ‘It is a personal violation’ AI using her voice was ‘gut punch'”

Lainey Wilson made a powerful statement during a congressional hearing about the misuse of artists’ voices in artificial intelligence (AI) creations. She shared her own unsettling experience and spoke out against the unauthorized use of artists’ voices, which she described as a violation of personal rights.

Wilson recounted how the hearing began with a troubling example involving Johnny Cash’s voice being manipulated to sing unexpected lyrics. This served as a stark illustration of the growing problem of AI-generated content using artists’ voices without their consent.

As a musician, Wilson emphasized the deeply personal connection between her music, her voice, and her fans. She expressed the profound impact of having her voice used in ways she never intended or approved, describing it as a “gut punch.”

Wilson stressed the importance of artists having control over how their voices and likenesses are used, especially when AI-generated content promotes messages or products that conflict with their values. She advocated for transparency and consent in the use of AI technology, urging lawmakers to prioritize artist rights.

While Wilson’s testimony focused on the experiences of music artists, she also highlighted the broader implications of AI misuse, including instances of deepfake porn and scams targeting vulnerable individuals. She called for action to ensure responsible use of AI technology and protect both artists and the public from harm.

As Wilson prepares for the upcoming Grammy Awards, where she is nominated in two categories, her advocacy for artist rights underscores the need to safeguard creative integrity in the face of advancing technology.

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