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After ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ New ‘Star Wars’ Collectible Provides Insight into ‘New Jedi Order’ Rey

A recent YouTube video by Nick Tierce, as highlighted by Gizmodo, sheds light on new kyber crystal collectibles at Disneyland. These crystals, when combined with holocrons, offer insights into the thoughts of various Jedi and Sith characters. Among these collectibles is a new crystal specifically for Rey, providing her reflections on the events of the sequel trilogy and her vision for the future.

In the video, Rey’s quotes touch upon her heritage, her decision to adopt the Skywalker name, the influence of her mentors Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, and her approach to rebuilding the Jedi Order. She emphasizes the importance of moving forward while honoring the past, drawing inspiration from the early Jedi teachings about healing the galaxy’s wounds.

The authenticity of these quotes adds depth to Rey’s character and aligns well with her journey depicted in the films. However, it’s worth noting that these lines were recorded two years ago, before the announcement of a Rey-centric film. While they offer insights into Lucasfilm’s vision for Rey’s character, they may not necessarily reflect future developments in the Star Wars franchise.

Additionally, Rey’s reflections on her encounters with Luke Skywalker and her childhood on Jakku provide further context to her character development throughout the sequel trilogy. These quotes highlight Rey’s resilience, her spiritual growth, and her understanding of the Force beyond traditional teachings.

Overall, while these insights from the Rey kyber crystal are not part of the New Jedi Order narrative expected in 2024, they offer fans a deeper appreciation of Rey’s journey and the broader themes explored in the Star Wars universe.

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