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Test-at-home kit for cancer patients approved for use

A new device designed to streamline cancer patients’ hospital visits has received regulatory approval. Named Liberty, this device enables patients to conduct blood tests at home independently and upload the results without supervision.

According to users, Liberty offers a significant reduction in hospital visits, which can be draining for cancer patients. Clinicians believe that it could enhance NHS productivity. Following trials at the Christie hospital in Manchester, Liberty will now be implemented at 12 NHS sites.

However, Cancer Research UK has highlighted that the device has only been tested on a small number of individuals so far. The charity emphasizes the need for further research before considering wider use in cancer care.

Lynn Thompson, a trial patient who has battled ovarian and bowel cancer since 2017, expressed relief at being able to perform some tests at home. She found the device easy to use and appreciated the freedom it provided from fixed hospital schedules, particularly considering her fear of needles.

The Liberty device, similar in size to a small printer, allows for direct transmission of blood sample analysis to hospital teams.

Dr. Sacha Howell, a senior lecturer in medical oncology at the University of Manchester, noted the convenience of home blood testing for patients and the potential cost savings for the NHS.

Trials conducted at The Christie have shown promising results, although the patient numbers remain limited. Regulatory approval trials involved 470 patients, while home studies included 22 patients like Lynn.

Despite regulatory approval, Cancer Research UK stresses the need for further clinical trials to determine effectiveness and clinical utility before broader adoption.

Dr. Toby Basey-Fisher, CEO of Entia, the company behind Liberty, is optimistic about the device’s potential to empower healthcare professionals in preemptively addressing complications, thereby reducing hospitalizations and treatment interruptions.

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