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Apple warns customers not to put wet iPhones in rice

Apple is issuing a new advisory to iPhone users regarding a common yet potentially harmful practice: using bags of rice to dry out wet devices. For years, it has been a go-to DIY solution for many faced with the dreaded scenario of a waterlogged phone. However, Apple’s recent update to its Support page now explicitly warns against this method, citing the risk of rice particles causing damage to the iPhone.

In place of rice or other makeshift drying methods like compressed air or external heat sources, Apple recommends a simpler and safer approach. Users are advised to gently wipe their wet iPhones dry with a soft cloth and then allow them to air dry naturally. It’s crucial to avoid plugging in the device to a charger until it is completely dry, although wireless charging remains unaffected by this caution.

Interestingly, Apple’s stance on this issue underscores the potential hazards of relying on unconventional remedies for water damage. While rice has been a popular choice due to its absorbent properties, it appears that the risk of rice particles infiltrating the delicate internals of the iPhone outweighs any potential benefits.

This advisory from Apple comes as a reminder to users to exercise caution and follow manufacturer recommendations when dealing with water-damaged devices. It also highlights the importance of proper maintenance and care to prevent such situations from occurring in the first place.

Moreover, Apple’s guidance on this matter is echoed by Samsung Australia, whose spokesperson, Nathan Rigger, has also advised against using rice to dry wet phones. This alignment between two major smartphone manufacturers further emphasizes the potential risks associated with this widely circulated DIY solution.

In conclusion, while the allure of quick fixes like rice may be tempting in the face of water damage, Apple’s latest warning serves as a timely reminder to prioritize safety and follow official guidelines when dealing with wet devices.

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