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At MWC 2024, ZTE will unveil intelligent computing solutions.


ZTE Corporation is gearing up to unveil its latest intelligent computing solutions at the Mobile World Congress 2024, aiming to propel digital and intelligent transformation across various industries.

Their full-stack computing infrastructure offers a range of computing capabilities with high energy efficiency, catering to both general and intelligent computing scenarios. This infrastructure provides comprehensive solutions for diverse needs such as high-performance storage, lossless networks, and fully liquid-cooled data centers, addressing the demands of various industries.

One of their key introductions is the AiCube, a compact and versatile solution integrating AI computing, storage, network, and platform software. This all-in-one cabinet supports mainstream AI frameworks and is ideal for on-premises deployment at edge nodes. AiCube reduces training and inference costs for private AI models, lowers technical barriers, and ensures data security for enterprises.

Additionally, ZTE’s IceCube represents a cutting-edge liquid cooling cabin solution, boasting high computing density and a compact footprint. With a blind mating design and liquid cooling cabin doors, IceCube achieves exceptional energy efficiency (pPUE<1.1), making it perfect for constructing efficient and environmentally friendly data centers.

The company’s AI Booster Intelligent Computing Platform is designed to maximize GPU utilization through automatic parallel training and simplifies development with visual tools and self-adaptive parameter optimization. This platform empowers industries to harness the potential of AI for innovation and growth.

Furthermore, ZTE leverages generative AI across various sectors to enhance efficiency and modernize operations, including research and development, telecom, and industrial parks. By implementing Nebula Encoding’s large model and Nebula CV model, ZTE aims to boost overall efficiency and drive industry-wide innovation.

In summary, ZTE’s intelligent computing solutions promise to drive significant advancements in industry efficiency and innovation, ushering in a new era of digital transformation.

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