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Baby tiger rescued by Oakland Zoo found with 10 bone fractures

The Oakland Zoo, alongside the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, recently stepped in to rescue a baby tiger in distress. The poor cub, only eight months old, was found to have endured a staggering ten bone fractures. These fractures were a result of decalcification, a condition caused by a deficiency in essential nutrients like calcium and phosphorus due to a subpar diet provided to the tiger.

Veterinarians at the zoo explained that these fractures had left the tiger unable to run or climb, and had led to significant muscle deterioration. Dr. Ryan Sadler, the Senior Veterinarian at Oakland Zoo, expressed his concern, noting that such injuries could result in long-term health complications for the animal.

However, the team at the zoo wasted no time in providing the necessary medical care. They began treating the tiger with nutritional supplements and pain medication. Despite their efforts, the road to recovery will be a long one, with full rehabilitation expected to take several weeks or even months. Additionally, some of the damage may be permanent, potentially leading to arthritis in the tiger’s later years.

The rescue took place after agents from the Oakland Zoo found the tiger in a privately owned facility in the western United States. The facility’s identity has not been disclosed as the investigation into the matter is still ongoing.

Nik Dehejia, the CEO of Oakland Zoo, expressed deep sympathy for the tiger’s plight and emphasized the importance of providing her with hope for a better future. The zoo’s priority now is to ensure the tiger’s full physical recovery before determining her next sanctuary and home.

Apart from their rescue efforts, the Oakland Zoo is actively engaged in promoting responsible pet ownership and providing support for animals in need. Those interested in contributing to their cause can find more information on their website or make a donation to support their ongoing efforts.

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