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Barry Tubb, Top Gun actor, sues Paramount over use of his image in sequel Top Gun: Maverick

Barry Tubb, the actor best known for his role as Leonard “Wolfman” Wolfe in the 1986 film Top Gun, has filed a lawsuit against Paramount Studios. He alleges that the studio used his likeness without permission in the 2022 sequel, Top Gun: Maverick.

According to Tubb’s complaint filed in a California court and reported by EW, he claims that his agreement with Paramount did not authorize the use of his likeness in the sequel. The specific scene in question involves characters Hangman and Coyote discovering the true identity of Rooster Bradshaw, portrayed by Miles Teller, as the son of Goose, played by Anthony Edwards. This scene includes an old photo featuring Tubb’s character, Wolfman, alongside other original cast members.

Tubb argues that his likeness in this scene is integral and not merely incidental. He further contends that the photo used in the scene is an altered version of a behind-the-scenes image of the original actors, which undermines any copyright claims.

Paramount has not responded to requests for comment from EW regarding Tubb’s allegations.

The lawsuit asserts that Paramount never sought Tubb’s consent or authorization to use his image in Top Gun: Maverick. It claims that the original contract between Tubb and Paramount did not anticipate the use of his likeness in the sequel, which was released nearly four decades after the original film.

Tubb also alleges that Paramount’s use of his image in the sequel is misleading and deceptive. He argues that it falsely suggests his involvement in the production or promotion of Top Gun: Maverick.

In summary, Tubb’s lawsuit accuses Paramount of breaching their contract and engaging in fraudulent misrepresentation regarding his association with Top Gun: Maverick.

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