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Does the stock become a no-brainer buy with Google’s new ChatGPT-beating artificial intelligence (AI) app?

Alphabet’s Google has shaken up the AI world with its latest move, bidding farewell to Bard and welcoming Gemini. This change not only involves a name switch but also introduces a more powerful AI model that’s set to make waves.

Gemini, the successor to Bard, comes in three versions: Nano, Pro, and Ultra. Nano can run locally on devices, while Pro powers the free version of the app. Ultra, the heavyweight, offers unmatched capabilities for handling complex tasks. In a showdown with OpenAI’s GPT-4, Gemini Ultra came out on top in most benchmarks, solidifying its status as a formidable player in the AI game.

Gemini’s debut marks a major milestone for Google, reaffirming its position as an AI innovator. Despite initial doubts, Gemini has exceeded expectations, even outperforming human experts on various language understanding tests. The launch of Gemini Advantage, available through a subscription model, signals Google’s entry into the lucrative AI services market.

However, challenges lie ahead. While Gemini shows promise, its impact on Alphabet’s finances remains uncertain. Generating significant revenue from subscriptions will require a substantial user base, which may take time to build. Additionally, Gemini’s integration with Google’s app ecosystem presents both opportunities and risks.

Nevertheless, Alphabet remains a solid investment choice, driven by its unwavering commitment to AI advancement. With Gemini leading the charge, Alphabet is poised to capitalize on the vast potential of AI technology. While the immediate impact on stock value may be modest, the long-term outlook for Alphabet is promising, making it an attractive investment option for the future.

In summary, while Google’s new AI app alone may not make Alphabet stock a no-brainer buy, the company’s broader strategy and dedication to innovation certainly do. As Gemini sets the stage for a new era of AI-driven solutions, Alphabet stands ready to seize the opportunities ahead.

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