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Exclusive: ‘Love Is Blind’s Chelsea says she apologized to Megan Fox after her look-alike comments went viral.

Chelsea, a contestant on “Love Is Blind,” found herself in the spotlight after making a comparison to Megan Fox that quickly went viral. In an exclusive chat with ET’s Denny Directo, the 31-year-old reflected on her comments during the show’s pod phase, where she likened herself to the Hollywood star. Chelsea admitted to regretting the comparison and took the initiative to reach out and apologize to Megan, though she’s still waiting for a response.

During a pod date with Jimmy Presnell, Chelsea mentioned the comparison to Megan Fox, drawing criticism from viewers for diverting from the experiment’s purpose. However, model Julia Fox stepped in to support Chelsea’s comparison on TikTok, which garnered significant attention and sparked further discussion about the resemblance.

Chelsea’s TikTok video received a whopping 16 million views and over a million likes, with many users agreeing with the comparison. Despite some skepticism and mixed reactions, Chelsea found validation in Julia Fox’s endorsement, which meant a lot to her.

Meanwhile, Jimmy shared his thoughts on Chelsea’s appearance, suggesting she may have exaggerated about resembling Megan Fox. However, he emphasized his attraction to her and his commitment to their relationship.

As for their romance, the future remains uncertain for Jimmy and Chelsea, with their engagement on the show overshadowed by challenges and insecurities. Their journey takes a tense turn during a trip to the Dominican Republic, following Jimmy’s controversial remarks about another contestant’s body.

In the end, Chelsea’s comparison to Megan Fox sparked a lot of buzz online, demonstrating the influence of social media in shaping opinions and reactions.

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