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Here’s what you need to know if you’re traveling to Erie to see the total solar eclipse.

Hey everyone, mark your calendars because something spectacular is happening in Erie come early April! Around 200,000 folks are expected to descend upon the city, all eager to witness a total solar eclipse – a once-in-a-lifetime event. Can you believe it? We won’t see another one in the U.S. for another two decades, and Pennsylvania won’t experience another for a whopping 122 years!

The countdown is on, with just 44 days to go until the big day. Erie is set to experience 100% totality, while Pittsburgh will get 97%. And let’s not underestimate that 3% difference – it’s pretty significant. In Erie, it’ll be like night and day, whereas 97% totality still leaves quite a bit of light.

Chris Temple from VisitErie is buzzing with excitement. Erie is going to be in the spotlight, enjoying nearly 4 minutes of total darkness – the longest in Pennsylvania. So, on April 8, from 3:16 p.m. to 3:20 p.m., get ready to experience something truly incredible.

Now, here’s the catch – Erie County is bracing for a massive influx of visitors, so finding accommodation might be a bit of a challenge. Rooms are going for a premium, with some places charging up to $819 a night! But don’t fret – there are still options further inland for a more reasonable price.

If you’re struggling to find a place to stay, give VisitErie a call – they’ll help you out. And remember, there’s more to Erie than just the waterfront. There are cool events happening all over town, from downtown to the rural areas.

Whether you’re at Total Eclipse of the Park at Liberty Park or celebrating at Lights Out events in wineries along Lake Erie, there’s something for everyone. Temple believes this could be Erie County’s biggest tourism event ever – a chance for Erie to shine, quite literally, in the darkness.

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