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In June, Google Pay app to be discontinued.

Google has recently announced a significant change in its payment services, revealing plans to discontinue the standalone Google Pay app in the United States after June 4, 2024. This decision marks a transition for users who will now be directed to migrate to Google Wallet for their payment needs.

The transition entails the loss of several features that were previously available in the Google Pay app, including peer-to-peer payments, deal discovery, and balance management. While this may come as a disappointment to some users, Google assures that these functionalities will still be accessible in other markets like India and Singapore.

The move is aimed at streamlining Google’s payment ecosystem, with a focus on enhancing the user experience and improving security measures. Google Wallet, the main service that will replace Google Pay, offers a wide range of features, including the secure storage of payment cards, transit passes, and IDs. Notably, Google Wallet is reported to be five times more popular than the standalone Google Pay app in the United States.

Users who currently have a balance in their Google Pay app are advised to transfer their funds to a bank account before the June 4 deadline. Failure to do so may result in the loss of funds, as the app will no longer be operational after the cutoff date.

Additionally, the transition will bring changes to how users discover deals and offers. Instead of accessing deals through the Google Pay app, users will now find them integrated into Google Search. This means that users in the US will have a dedicated Deals section within Google Search, providing them with easy access to discounts and promotions.

In summary, the transition from Google Pay to Google Wallet represents a strategic move by Google to consolidate its payment services and improve the overall user experience. While some features may be lost in the process, users can expect enhanced security measures and a seamless integration of payment functionalities within the Google ecosystem.

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