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In San Francisco, there was a Vision Pro party — complete with people dancing and pinching the air.

In San Francisco, there’s a growing trend where people are showcasing Apple’s latest innovation, the Vision Pro, at social events. With a price tag of $3,499, this state-of-the-art face computer promises an immersive “spatial computing” experience, blending productivity and entertainment features seamlessly.

Since its launch on February 2, sightings of the Vision Pro have been widespread across California, with San Diego notably seeing an increase in public appearances. Authorities even issued warnings against wearing the device while navigating the streets, highlighting its growing popularity.

Despite Apple’s recommendation to use the Vision Pro indoors, many San Franciscans are embracing it as a fashion statement at upscale gatherings and dinners. Reports suggest that tech enthusiasts are seamlessly incorporating the device into their social lives, creating an aura of futurism at events.

Videos captured from these gatherings depict guests enthusiastically engaging with the Vision Pro, captivating bystanders with their interactions. Despite its premium price, the device has become a sought-after accessory, with only those who have attended Apple’s store demos getting a firsthand experience.

Even at exclusive dinners, the Vision Pro is making waves, sparking conversations among attendees. Photos shared on social media platforms showcase guests proudly displaying the device, signaling a shift in the city’s tech culture.

As the Vision Pro gains momentum, it’s clear that it’s more than just a gadget—it’s a symbol of status and innovation in San Francisco’s tech-savvy community.

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