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Katie Porter is selling her fundraising list — at a discount ‘You must act fast:’

Rep. Katie Porter is taking an unconventional approach in her bid for California’s Senate seat, seeking to bolster her campaign coffers through a strategic move. Known for her adept online fundraising abilities, Porter is now making her prized fundraising list available for purchase, aiming to secure vital funds ahead of the state’s Senate race.

This list, consisting of donor contact information including emails and phone numbers, has proven to be a valuable asset in Democratic political circles, reportedly generating a substantial $75 million over multiple election cycles. Access to past donors is being offered at a starting price of $0.65 per contact, with the sale scheduled to conclude by March 1st.

While it’s not unheard of for politicians to sell their fundraising lists after an election, doing so during a primary campaign is a less common and somewhat risky move. If Porter successfully advances in the primary, there could be challenges in retaining the loyalty of these donors, especially in a potential rematch against Rep. Adam Schiff.

Despite the potential risks involved, Porter’s campaign views this step as necessary to compete effectively against Schiff and his supporters. Faced with significant spending from a super PAC funded by cryptocurrency billionaires, Porter is determined to counteract with her own fundraising efforts.

However, the decision to sell the donor list comes amidst financial pressures, with Schiff outspending Porter notably on TV advertisements. With campaign finances stretched thin, Porter’s digital team has established minimum purchase thresholds and is offering discounts for larger orders, making the opportunity enticing to prospective buyers.

While selling donor data is a common practice in politics, particularly after campaigns conclude, doing so during a primary campaign introduces additional complexities. The effectiveness of Porter’s donors in responding to appeals from other candidates remains uncertain, given her distinct political brand and approach.

Overall, Porter’s decision underscores the challenges inherent in contemporary campaign financing and the lengths to which candidates will go to remain competitive in closely contested races.

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