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Machine Gun Kelly ‘had a breakdown’ before getting viral blackout tattoo

Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, has provided further explanation regarding his decision to cover up a significant portion of his chest and arm tattoos with a striking blackout tattoo, which has quickly become a topic of discussion online.

In his latest piano rap ballad titled “Don’t Let Me Go,” released on Wednesday, MGK delves into his emotions surrounding his recent tattoo transformation. He reflects on his decision to get extensive new ink, rapping lines like, “Wish I didn’t listen just like I wish they would understand me one time / I had a breakdown and tatted my entire body except one line / Everything’s just fine.”

These lyrics offer insight into his thoughts and feelings regarding the profound change in his appearance, as showcased in an Instagram post where he unveiled his fully blacked-out upper chest and arms.

In the Instagram caption, the 33-year-old artist explained that the tattoo was done “for spiritual purposes only.” His decision to replace his colorful arm tattoos with solid black ink prompted some fans to speculate if it was temporary. However, a representative for the tattoo artists confirmed that the ink is permanent.

The blackout tattoo sparked a range of reactions from fans and critics alike. While some accused him of cultural appropriation, others praised his bold artistic expression. Despite the mixed reception, many fans stood by him, commending his authenticity and emotional depth in his music.

In “Don’t Let Me Go,” MGK also addresses the personal topic of his and fiancée Megan Fox’s miscarriage, a subject they both publicly discussed in recent months. The raw emotion and vulnerability in his lyrics resonated with many listeners, earning him praise for his honesty and musical talent.

Overall, MGK’s recent artistic choices and heartfelt lyrics continue to spark conversation and resonate with his dedicated fanbase on a deeply personal level.

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