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On a visit to the island, Rep. Gallagher says the US will support Taiwan regardless of election results.

Amid rising tensions between Taiwan and China, American House Representative Mike Gallagher reassured Taiwan of unwavering support regardless of the outcome of the upcoming US election. Gallagher, leading a bipartisan delegation to Taiwan, emphasized the importance of maintaining a stance of international engagement and backing for Taiwan’s defense.

The visit comes against the backdrop of heightened tensions following the deaths of two Chinese fishermen, which Taiwan claimed occurred in protected waters. China, asserting Taiwan as its territory, has vowed to reclaim the island by force if necessary.

Gallagher underscored the significance of US support for Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression as a deterrent to Beijing’s actions against Taiwan. He also acknowledged political challenges in Congress regarding additional aid to Ukraine, particularly among Republicans aligned with former President Trump, who has raised concerns about US commitments to NATO allies.

During their visit, the US delegation held meetings with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and President-elect Lai Ching-te, commending Tsai’s leadership amidst authoritarian threats to freedom. Tsai expressed hope for increased exchanges between Taiwan and the US.

Congress plays a pivotal role in unofficial relations between Taiwan and the US, with lawmakers advocating for measures to enhance Taiwan’s defense capabilities. Gallagher, a vocal supporter of Taiwan, faced criticism from Beijing, which opposes official exchanges between the US and Taiwan.

The visit coincides with heightened tensions following the drowning of two Chinese fishermen near Taiwan’s Kinmen Island. Taiwan maintained that its coast guard acted lawfully, while China accused Taiwan of a cover-up and demanded accountability.

As tensions persist, both sides continue to exchange accusations, further escalating the situation. Taiwan’s coast guard asserted that the incident resulted from evasive maneuvers by the Chinese vessel, leading to a collision with the Taiwanese vessel.

Amidst the diplomatic tensions and conflicting narratives, the US reaffirms its support for Taiwan’s security and sovereignty, highlighting the complexities of geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific region.

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