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Rep. Matt Gaetz boasts about turning Congress into a ‘living hell’ for Republicans who ‘dress up like Democrats in drag’

During his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Rep. Matt Gaetz didn’t mince words, asserting that he’s made Congress uncomfortable for what he labels as “swamp rat” Republicans who he believes stray too close to the Democratic aisle.

The Florida lawmaker proudly claimed credit for shaking up the status quo, suggesting that his actions have prompted several to retire from Congress prematurely.

Gaetz attributed the reported surge in retirements among GOP members to his successful campaign to remove Kevin McCarthy from his House speakership position last October.

Speaking to the audience, Gaetz underscored his belief that the current Republican leadership lacks the grit needed to safeguard the nation, advocating for a new breed of leaders who are more assertive and aligned with the principles of former President Donald Trump.

He laid out his strategy to fill the void left by departing GOP lawmakers, aiming to replace them with individuals he characterizes as “America First” patriots who share Trump’s vision.

Gaetz also called for reforms in congressional ethics, urging measures to prevent lawmakers from transitioning into lobbying roles after leaving office and from engaging in stock trading while serving in Congress. He took a swipe at Rep. Michael Guest, the Republican ethics chairman, accusing him of benefiting from stock transactions during his tenure.

Despite facing his own share of controversies, including a probe by the House Ethics Committee over allegations of sexual misconduct, Gaetz expressed his preference for battling Democrats. However, he made it clear that he won’t hesitate to challenge Republicans whom he perceives as straying from core conservative values.

In his concluding remarks, Gaetz emphasized his readiness to confront anyone, irrespective of party affiliation, if he believes they’re failing to serve the best interests of the American people.

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