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So is my subscription, and Spotify HiFi is still MIA after three years

I had hoped I wouldn’t have to revisit this issue again. Last year, there was little reason to believe that Spotify would ever deliver its promised HiFi lossless streaming feature. Initially announced in 2021, the project seemed to have vanished into thin air. But then, one of Spotify’s co-presidents reignited hope by stating, “we are going to do it.”

Fast forward to March 2023, and here we are, three years after the initial announcement, and still no sign of Spotify HiFi. Despite occasional indications that the company is still working on it, the feature remains elusive. Unlike its competitors, Spotify is likely to offer high-resolution and lossless streaming as part of a premium “Supremium” tier, which will come with exclusive perks. It’s a move that acknowledges the challenge of convincing average listeners to pay more for a service that offers little perceptible difference in audio quality.

But the big question remains: why the delay? Speculation suggests that Spotify was caught off guard when rivals like Apple and Amazon began offering higher-fidelity audio at no extra cost. Deals with record labels may have also played a role, making it financially unfeasible for Spotify to follow suit. Yet, given Spotify’s commitment to music and its loyal user base, one would think that the company would prioritize delivering the best possible audio experience.

As someone who appreciates high-quality audio, I can relate to the frustration of wanting to immerse oneself in music only to be let down by subpar sound quality. Recently, I decided to switch to Apple Music after growing tired of waiting for Spotify’s HiFi feature. However, knowing my luck, Spotify may announce its Supremium plan soon, potentially luring me back with promises of better audio and enhanced artist payouts.

Ultimately, the choice between Spotify and Apple Music comes down to personal preference. While Apple Music offers a cleaner interface, Spotify’s recommendation algorithms have a knack for understanding individual tastes. As for me, I’ll be keeping an eye on Spotify’s developments, hopeful for an improved listening experience in the future.

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