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White House frustration with Garland grows

President Joe Biden has reportedly voiced frustration with Attorney General Merrick Garland over the handling of a special counsel report suggesting that the president’s mental faculties had diminished. According to sources close to Biden, there is growing discontent within the White House regarding Garland’s management of the controversial report.

The report, conducted by special counsel Robert Hur, ultimately cleared Biden of any wrongdoing related to classified documents found at his think tank and residence. However, Hur’s explanation for not pursuing charges, citing Biden’s alleged forgetfulness, sparked significant controversy during the presidential campaign.

Biden’s inner circle believes that Garland should have intervened and insisted on revisions to the report, particularly regarding its portrayal of Biden’s memory lapses. While Biden himself has refrained from publicly criticizing Garland, many senior advisers speculate about Garland’s future in a potential second term.

Last year, Biden privately expressed frustration with the lengthy investigation into his son Hunter Biden, fearing its impact on Hunter’s well-being. Additionally, Biden disagreed with Garland’s decision to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter’s affairs, viewing it as capitulating to external pressures.

Furthermore, Biden has expressed dissatisfaction with the pace of Garland’s investigation into former President Donald Trump’s alleged election interference, believing that more decisive action could have expedited legal proceedings.

Despite criticisms directed at Garland, some argue that the White House could have exerted executive privilege over elements of Hur’s report but chose not to do so. Additionally, Garland’s decision to appoint a special counsel was influenced by inconsistencies in the White House’s initial response to the classified documents discovery.

While Garland’s tenure has faced scrutiny, he has made significant strides in areas aligned with Biden’s priorities, such as combating violent crime and defending civil rights. However, his handling of politically sensitive cases has raised concerns among Democrats, particularly his selection of Hur to oversee the classified documents investigation.

While Biden has refrained from publicly criticizing Garland, external Democrats have openly expressed dissatisfaction with the attorney general’s performance, fearing its potential impact on the administration’s credibility.

In conclusion, tensions between the White House and the Department of Justice persist, with Garland’s leadership coming under scrutiny for his handling of sensitive cases.

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